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How To Support Self-Directed Learners: Lessons from P2PU, Khan, NYU &

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This morning Nathan Maton from the Khan Academy, Alex Ruthmann from NYU and Andrew Sliwinski, co-founder at and yours truly came together to discuss scale in online learning and how to support self-directed learners. Our focus for these chats is to learn from each other, so we ended up sharing pointers, tips and experiences from our respective communities. Watch the video (we…

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Peer What? A discussion about Peer Learning

We’ve got a special edition of the P2PU Community Call coming up this Thursday 3rd April, at 8AM US Pacific Time. We’re going to be talking Peer Learning this week – what it means, why it’s important, and how we do it. As preparation, please start by reading this: – an oldie, but a good…

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This Week’s Community Call Discussions – more challenges, keywords, Berlin + much more

The P2PU community call is an ever growing, constantly evolving beast, and we’ve come a long way from what it used to be. This is thanks, mainly, to the brilliant volunteers, staff and guests who show up each week, no matter how late at night or early in the morning it is for them, and actively share…

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Featured Courses at P2PU – 25 November 2011

By now, you should all have had the chance to check out the post-Berlin blog post summing up our amazing workshop. This week’s diverse and fascinating featured courses are a brilliant reminder of what makes P2PU such a special community – where anyone can learn just about anything. Y’all are amazing, and we wouldn’t be…

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