This Week’s Community Call Discussions – more challenges, keywords, Berlin + much more

The P2PU community call is an ever growing, constantly evolving beast, and we’ve come a long way from what it used to be. This is thanks, mainly, to the brilliant volunteers, staff and guests who show up each week, no matter how late at night or early in the morning it is for them, and actively share their news, opinions and ideas for making P2PU better at what we do. We’re hoping to keep improving these calls, and will be making some minor tweaks in the next few weeks and months. Sharing summaries of the conversations on this blog is just the first step, and we hope it makes everyone feel more part of the community. Everyone is of course still welcome to join us in the call!

This is not a definitive summary –  it’s just the key discussions, which generated the most talking points and which the people on the call thought were important. For full details of the call and a transcript of the chat, see the etherpad:

This Week’s Main Discussions:

More Challenges
People like the new challenge format, and we want to build momentum with these. One simple way to do this is to get more and more people to build challenges, in subject areas where we know someone high profile.  We brainstormed some ideas, and people who are interested are welcome to add more suggestions to this list on the etherpad.

Keyword Search
Our friend Mac in Berlin  hooked us up with Google to get a grant from them for Adwords.  John needs help brainstorming search keywords to improve traffic to P2PU.  Anyone interested in helping, post here

P2PU Goes to Berlin
There has always been a recurring idea at P2PU of having a virtual office, so we’re doing it! The idea is to set up space in Berlin (because it’s cheap, and we like it) during June/July/August 2012. We’ll find a good working space, which will include some kind of way to provide three meals a day, and shared accommodation for those who want to come. We have created a fellowship for people who need help in getting to Berlin.  Nothing is set in stone yet, but for more detail, please have a look at the planning etherpad, and follow discussions on the community list.

School of Data!
We announced the School of Data, build in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation this week. Anyone interested in helping to wrangle data, please go to this form and register your interest.

This week’s MVP:
Mad props, virtual cookies and internet love to Brylie, who set up our etherpad lite server. As soon as Zuzel is back from vacation, we’re hoping to migrate!


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