Featured Courses at P2PU – 25 November 2011

By now, you should all have had the chance to check out the post-Berlin blog post summing up our amazing workshop. This week’s diverse and fascinating featured courses are a brilliant reminder of what makes P2PU such a special community – where anyone can learn just about anything. Y’all are amazing, and we wouldn’t be here without you…

Japanese and How to Learn It
Ever wanted to learn Japanese but found those courses too slow and expensive? Join this group and pick up some of the “real world” Japanese! This group is for people of all levels of Japanese to practice and share their experiences, and to teach those who are just starting.

Human-Computer Interaction at Stanford
A study group for the January 2012 Online Stanford HCI Course. Stanford is running a number of Computer Science courses online for free. We’re going to keep up with the Human-Computer Interaction course here at P2PU. Sign up at http://www.hci-class.org/ and then join this group together with your peers. This is an experiment, feel free to suggest group activities.

And for those of you who are keen to take on a challenge, why not test your skills on this new challenge and experiment with our new Challenges model:

Play with HTML
Get a first peek into HTML without any preparation or installation needed. Find a mentor and try out you first few HTML Tags without having to install any programs.

If you’re interested in these, or any other P2PU courses, just head over to p2pu.org and jump right in!

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