The P2PU Update on 4 April 2011

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Bonne nouvelle – La domination du monde a une nouvelle langue. Yes, we’re embarking on building some courses in French (we obviously need it) – so anyone who is interested can connect via this discussion:

Good news – The number of new courses and learning groups that will kick off in April is growing steadily, and we’re dead excited to see how they shape up. From introductions to poetry, educational cybernetics and the language of music, we have something for just about everybody. This is a critical time for new courses – future facilitators need all the feedback they can get on their draft courses, so please head over to the course list page ( look at the drafts and give feedback, P2PU style!

Really good news – In addition to supporting Philipp’s fellowship, providing ongoing feedback and advice, and making available fellowship grants for P2PU as a whole, the Shuttleworth Foundation has agreed for their CFO Karen Gabriel to fill the role of Treasurer at P2PU. She will help us set up the systems and process to make sure we always know how much money we can spend on community workshops in places that start with B. This is a big deal – thank you Karen!

More very good news – The Hewlett Foundation continues to support P2PU and awarded a 2 year grant (200k USD / year) for work on tracking learning achievements in open social learning communities like P2PU. The key question they (and we) would like to answer is – what is someone learning at P2PU?

Not so good news – Finally, here is the blog post ( that nobody has been waiting for. A long and dry overview of the inner administration of P2PU, including an update on incorporation, but with cool photos. Let’s party like it’s 501(c)(3)!

Awesome news – The is alive and kicking. It’s still bare bones and pre-beta, but the first brave P2PU folks have started playing around with it. Here is a blog post that gives a little update on web site development plans (

Have a great week!


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