P2PU Weekly Update – 20 May 2011

Welcome to the new look P2PU Weekly update. We’ll be sending you all the news about site developments, new study groups and courses, and general P2PU news, once a week, straight to your inbox.

  • Want to see what’s happening on the new P2PU Beta site?
    If you haven’t yet had a look at the new P2PU site, head over to our home page to learn about the project and see the study groups and courses on offer.
  • Hang on – 2 sites? What’s the deal?
    Yes, we’re so good, we currently exist in 2 different places. But not for long! While the old P2PU site is still up and running, a brave team of pioneering organisers and coders have been working away to build a wonderful new site, with some fantastic new features, and equally exciting new courses. We’re going to be migrating to the new site really soon, so keep an eye on your email for news about the move.

In the meantime, take a look at the Help Desk group on the new site for answers to any questions you may have, and regular updates about the new site’s features.

Have a look at some of the inspiring new courses on P2PU Beta

New groups have been created – can you help develop them?

There are some great new topics under development on the new site. These groups still need tasks, resources and learning plans outlined before they can be opened for sign-up.  If you’d like to help get these groups get ready, please contact the group’s organiser.

Get Involved:

  • Do you want to create a study group?
    It’s easy, just create a P2PU account and follow the prompts.
  • Got a question about P2PU?
    Have a look at our FAQ, if the answer is not there, just ask it!
  • Join the P2PU Discussion List
    To participate in ongoing discussions about P2PU, sign up here
  • Dying to just hack?
    Have a look at the Contributing to Lernanta group on the beta site
    Submit a bug on the tracker
    Contribute to the code at Github
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