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Building a toolkit for open educators

CC-BY-SA Nick Farnhill

At the start of this year we sketched out a rough tech roadmap. Now is a good time to report on some of the work we’ve done since then, and our plans for the rest of the year. One big shift we made is to move away from thinking of P2PU as one big software…

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Day 2: School of Open in Berlin

For the first two days of School of Open workshopping, our process has teetered between in-the-clouds theorizing and on-the-ground brainstorming. This often results in chaos but I think we’re actually getting somewhere. Forward progress: We’re starting to get a better idea of exactly what the School of Open could be — not only learning modules…

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Total Eclipse of the Week at P2PU – 13 August 2010

You wanted it. And you got it. Although it wasn’t an easy choice. At P2PU we know exactly what it means when you gotta be strong and you gotta be fast. But we went with something else, because we like white doves, black ninjas (why ninjas?) and are not afraid to show our vulnerability, because…

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The week at P2PU – Typed on a left-handed Fender Stratocaster

We’ve proven that we can do smooth and we can do hip and hop – but this week we are taking it up a level. We are pulling out all — and I mean ALL — the stops. We literally burn our guitars on stage in golden underwear. Because P2PU is a wild thing! Wild…

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Update on P2PU – We are on our way

The sails were set and on 9 September 2009 P2PU got on its way and launched a first set of 7 courses. We have been stingy with updates, so this one is a little bit longer than usual – so much has happened. We hope to send you more concise updates more regularly in the…

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