Building a toolkit for open educators

At the start of this year we sketched out a rough tech roadmap. Now is a good time to report on some of the work we’ve done since then, and our plans for the rest of the year.

One big shift we made is to move away from thinking of P2PU as one big software platform that everybody has to come to. Instead we broke out the individual pieces as a set of tools for open educators that can be combined in different ways.  Think of it as building with (software) Lego rather than puzzle pieces that only work in one exact combination.

You can read more about our original thoughts here.

The tools at your disposal.

So at this moment there are a range of tools for an open educator to use!

There are also technical tools that is useful if you are an edutech hacker:

The nitty-gritty, or how we got there:

What we are planning next!

  • Revamp the home page to show the full landscape of things going on at P2PU.
  • Tweak badges after some real world usage and feedback.
  • Evolve the Mechanical MOOC to run other awesome MOOCs like the Music MOOC and the Writing MOOC.
  • Build tools to strengthen group collaboration for courses and MOOCs.
  • Work on the course index to help finding great courses on P2PU.
  • Improve analytics to capture the relevant data our researchers need to tell us how we can do better.

How to get involved?

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