Total Eclipse of the Week at P2PU – 13 August 2010

You wanted it. And you got it. Although it wasn’t an easy choice. At P2PU we know exactly what it means when you gotta be strong and you gotta be fast. But we went with something else, because we like white doves, black ninjas (why ninjas?) and are not afraid to show our vulnerability, because we know that we’ll never be wrong together.

Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never coming around > That’s how Physics 8.01 feels, because nobody wants to be its course organizer. The new courses are coming together nicely, but there are a few amazing proposals that need course organizers to make it happen. We want to do journalism course with Hacks/Hackers and Mozilla, and we would LOVE to finally offer the Physics 8.01 experience. If you know anyone who might be interested in either of these – please blow-dry them our way (email: thepeople at

Every now and then I get a little bit restless and i dream of something wild > Everyone knows there is nothing as wild as thousands of geeks in Texas. In order for us to stop dreaming and experience the wildness ourselves, John submitted a panel to SXSW 2011. Vote for it to help us get wild!

And I need you now tonight. And I need you more than ever > In fact it’s actually not me, but it’s Bekka who needs you more than ever to let her know if you are coming to Barcelona. If you got invited, now is the time to confirm if you are coming. No r-s-v-p, no p-a-r-ty (if you say it right, it does rhyme).

Forever’s gonna start tonight. Forever’s gonna start tonight > It actually started on Thursday, when Delia and Philipp had a call with Charles from One Click Orgs ( These guys help communities like us to keep the goodness flowing – and the governance open – while becoming official incorporated organizations. It will take some time to get there, but the plan is that by late 2010/ early 2011 we can be P2PU (dot org) forever.

Join 11,942,203 other people who have great taste in music and watch this. We recommend you watch it once only, to avoid irreversible damage to your hair). You’ll need the weekend to recover.

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