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The machine that runs P2PU – Update

We have been busy building “the machine” that runs P2PU. The roadmap for School of Webcraft that we posted a few weeks ago shows what we plan to achieve over the course of 2011, but there is a lot of plumbing and wiring that we are putting in place to support these plans, not just…

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A new website for P2PU

You may have heard that P2PU has started building a new site for it’s community. Well, it’s true, but these are the early days and we wanted to give you an update on the overall timeline and roadmap. Building a new website for P2PU Since starting our peer learning adventures on 09/09/09, we’ve learned a…

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What’s goin’ on? (at P2PU)

This week at P2PU // 17 July – 23 July 2010 INTRO > Stian had the excellent idea that we needed community updates – an informal stream of consciousness on what’s going on at P2PU. The answer is usually “lots is going on” which is why there never seems enough time to report on all of it. So,…

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