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2014 has been a year of evolution for P2PU, and, like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon, we’ve changed our look too. And because beauty is not just skin deep, we’d like to give you a bit of a tour around the spectacular butterfly that is the new   Our changes aren’t just superficial….

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Learning Resource Metadata and P2PU

P2Pu has been working with the LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative) project for some time, to help make online OERs more discoverable. We’re proud to be profiled in a case study by LRMI’s Lorna Campbell. A lot of projects whose OER work we admire have been part of this initiative, and we’re tickled pink to…

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How to use GitHub Pages to Build Your Open Online Course and Community

Pic by Nomadic Lass on Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

    Disclaimer: This post will require you to tolerate some techie words and be encouraged to do some technical things.  The level of skill required is ‘click buttons’ not ‘type magic words’. We are always investigating better ways to help you to create open online learning communities. Part of that means creating a home…

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Make the Web with P2PU and Mozilla

Starting Monday, May 12th, P2PU and Mozilla will be offering online training and professional development as part of our commitment to help educators and others teach web literacy. Webmaker Training is for teachers, informal educators, developers, designers and Mozilla community members to make and learn together, in an effort to create a more web literate…

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Archiving Old Courses: The Leopard in the Lavatory


What We decided the time has come to take a look at what we are offering on our platform and while we’re happy that there is so much good juicy knowledge, we realize there are lots of courses which are still offered in the old format from the beginning of our journey, with the P2PU…

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How we Used the Echo Nest API for Engagement & Learning

For our Music MOOC Play With Your Music (PWYM) 5282 folks signed up to learn together. We wanted to put them in groups based on their musical taste hoping to improve group cohesion and collaboration. We decided to use The Echo Nest since they have an API that helps with doing just that! The Echo Nest…

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P2PU Needs You To Help Us Spend Some Money!

Are you a P2PU community member (or member-to-be) with an interest in Google Adwords and Google Analytics? If so, we want you! And we think you might want us back… See, we need your help to spend some money on Google Adwords. You’ll be able to design and implement a Google Adwords campaign with a…

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Three updates to make your life easier!

We would like to highlight 3 actions that just got easier on P2PU! Want to leave a comment on a course? Just head over to the discussion tab and have your say! You only need to be logged in to P2PU, no need to register with disqus before you can comment! Would you like to…

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Building a toolkit for open educators

CC-BY-SA Nick Farnhill

At the start of this year we sketched out a rough tech roadmap. Now is a good time to report on some of the work we’ve done since then, and our plans for the rest of the year. One big shift we made is to move away from thinking of P2PU as one big software…

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Introducing Marvin

Image CC-BY-SA John Greenaway

At the start of the year we spent some time on behind the scenes work. We had a long overdue software upgrade that we needed to perform on our main server. At the same time we took the opportunity to improve how we maintain the systems to run the tools we use for P2PU. Maintaining…

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