Archiving Old Courses: The Leopard in the Lavatory

We decided the time has come to take a look at what we are offering on our platform and while we’re happy
that there is so much good juicy knowledge, we realize there are lots of courses which are still offered in the old format from the beginning of our journey, with the P2PU platform.
Thus we decided that there is a need to archive those old courses from way back …
Archiving the content does not mean taking everything offline, put it in bottom of a locked filing cabinet, stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign outside the door saying, “Beware of the leopard!” and leave an empty void behind, so we figured out a way to leave all the meaty bits still available. What we wish to keep is just the pristine copy of everything, so it is still out there for the whole world to see, but there will be no more option to participate, post comments, … We are talking here about legacy content, all of which has or will have new version.

We are very happy about all the “sweat and tears” that were poured into making all of the content which is living on our systems, and frankly we were somewhat surprised about the scale that it came to in such a short amount of time. We couldn’t be more proud!
We believe this step will give us the ability to search for new innovative ways of making peer learning available online. Optimizing our tools is a must in order to be able to direct our forces to experimenting with new ways to bring learning to the community

No, we are not building a intergalactical bypass, but are providing the pebbles for it. In this regard, it is our believe that it is also up to you, our lovely community. Consider this post as an invitation for you to share ideas on what could be the strategy that would fit you and fellow P2PU-ers, of making space for some new and exciting things.

No fear, this is not going to be a “one time” step, because we believe that introducing new improvements gradually, is far more easy on you and the staff alike. This is why we are going to informing you about individual steps before they occur. In this way we can help with transition and iron out all the wrinkles in our strategy. We can assure you that all of this is not going to start happening before the end of February, so there is plenty of time for all of your questions and suggestions.

We don’t think this will affect any currently (or recently) active courses, but if you have a concern, please let us know. If you like to know more and/or need our help we as always will be here for you, so please leave us a note at

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