Propose A Project

Updated (July 2014): This is old P2PU content. If you want to suggest a project idea, please join the discussion on our community forum.

We love to help new ideas grow. Tell us about yours!

How we support projects

The P2PU community supports projects in many different ways, depending on each project’s needs, including:

  1. Give feedback to help you refine your project as it evolves. You’ll find a strong community of support on our community list that is eager to help and packed full of knowledge and skills we love to share- including, but definitely not limited to:
      • tech design and development
      • instructional and educational content design
      • event planning and facilitation
      • legal and copyright advice
      • etc.
  2. Offer a mechanism to scale ideas and experiments that work.
  3. Promote your project, and help you find collaborators
  4. In some limited cases, P2PU is able to offer financial, legal, administrative, or other types of nuts-and-bolts support.

Start a Project

Projects need a driver, someone who takes responsibility for making them happen. If you are passionate about an idea, the best way to get started is write a couple blog posts about it, build a mock-up or draw a concept, and share it with the community list for feedback.

Make it a P2PU Project

Once you’ve had a chance to test-drive the idea with a few people, you’ve written a series of blog posts about it, and people are starting to get interested in contributing – it might be a good time to list it as an official (tongue in cheek) P2PU project. That way you’ll more exposure and people who want to get involved know how they can contact you. Fill out the form below and we’ll follow up by email.