How we test ideas about learning.

Current projects

Use the drop down list above to see all current projects. Here are a few examples:

  • The Citizen Science project makes scientific ideas and practice accessible to everyone.
  • The Open Masters creates a template for anyone to pursue their own semi-formal study.
  • The Mechanical MOOC automates a massive course experience.

What’s a project?

Projects take many forms- such as organizing face to face meetings around an existing course, building a community of ambassadors, conducting research experiments, running experimental courses, or building technology and tools- but all projects:

  1. Create something new- a tool, content, experience, model, etc.
  2. Test a hypothesis or question, or demonstrate a new way of doing things.
  3. Openly share what they are creating and learning.

Projects are not afraid to fail, but they don’t whimper. If you have a crazy idea that you want to try, then go ahead and do it. Chances are someone in the community will be excited to help. All we ask is that you share openly what works and what doesn’t so everyone can learn from the experience.

P2PU projects are an important part of what we do, and they are rooted in our values of opennesscommunity, and peer learning. If you want to start a project that fits, have a look here.

2 Responses to “Projects”

  1. josephthibault

    the Moocmaker seems like an awesome tool…is it available as something that other orgs or individuals can use?


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