More progress on the School of Open!

School of Open is moving along nicely. By the end of last week we had:

++ written up a nice purpose/scope/values document;

++ created a set of guidelines for contributing to the School;

++ structured a virtual sprint (happening tomorrow) to build components of the School;

++ tried/failed to make a skills map;

++ created a guide on the CC wiki for recognizing CC licenses in the wild; and

++ started building out our first course on “finding, using and sharing open content”.

Today we finished up our first two courses/challenges (number 1, number 2) on finding, using and sharing open content. All the documents and courses we’ve built so far are completely up for feedback and adjustment. We really don’t work well in a vacuum! With that said, we’re quite excited this week for our two upcoming participatory events (one virtual and one in Berlin):

++ Tuesday we’re holding a virtual sprint to help build the School of Open. It’ll be from 2-5pm Berlin time (starts at 12:00pm GMT); and
++ Thursday we’re doing an in-person work session for School of Open challenges/courses in the evening (4-7pm Berlin time; starts at 2:00pm GMT), partnering with Mozilla.
This is our last week in Berlin, so we’re trying to get as much accomplished as possible. Help us out!

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