What is a P2PU School?

A School is a learning community that commits to be stewards of a content area. A School runs under the core values of openness, peer learning and community.

Schools are comprised of a core group of people committing to organize multiple courses within a given content area, often this group is from an established organization.  They identify core competencies in their content area and develop pathways to learning and recognition.

Join a School

At P2PU we have six Schools in collaboration with other initiatives:

You can join a School by visiting its page and signing up for its mailing list, taking a course or challenge, or developing your own. Contact the School’s organizers on that page, and let them know about your course or challenge, or other ways you are thinking of participating. Most discussion will take place on the School’s mailing list, where you can engage with P2PU’s community of peer learners directly.

Start a School with P2PU

If you are interested in starting a new school at P2PU that does not currently exist, feel free to propose it as a P2PU Labs project first. You can also send a note to the P2PU community mailing list to gauge interest.

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