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What We’re Reading

For every learning experience we design, we consult the research to back up our decisions. Here’s a working bibliography of the articles we read to inform our cohort design, our assessment design, and learner engagement. Link to full text articles is provided where open access is available.

Learning Cohorts

We consulted the following articles to design small groups for our Mechanical MOOC projects, like a Gentle Introduction to Python.

Felder, R. M., & Soloman, B. A. (2000). Learning styles and strategies. Full text.
Inaba, A. & Supnithi, T. & Ikeda, M. & Mizoguchi, R. & Toyoda, J. (2000). How can we form effective collaborative learning groups? Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (pp. 282-291). Gauthier, G., Frasson, C. and VanLehn, K. (Eds.). Lecture Notes In Computer Science, vol. 1839. Springer-Verlag, London.
Liu, S., Joy, M.S. and Griffiths, N. (2008) Incorporating Learning Styles in a Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Model. In: International Workshop on Cognitive Aspects in Intelligent and Adaptive Web-based Education Systems (CIAWES 2008), 27-31 Oct 2008, Taipei, Taiwan. Full text.
Sao Jose de Faria, E. & Adan-Coello, J.M. & Keiji Yamanaka. (2006). Forming groups for collaborative learning in introductory computer programming courses based on students’ programming styles: An Empirical Study. Proc. of 36th Annual Conf. on Frontiers in Education (pp.6-11), San Diego, CA, USA. Full text.
Stahl, G., Koschmann, T., & Suthers, D. (2006). Computer-supported collaborative learning: An historical perspective. In R. K. Sawyer (Ed.), Cambridge handbook of the learning sciences (pp. 409-426). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Full text.
Wessner, M. & Pfister, H. R. (2001). Group formation in computer-supported collaborative learning. Proceedings of GROUP’01 (pp. 24-31). Boulder, Colorado, USA: ACM Press.

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