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Peer 2 Peer University strongly supports both research activities under the auspices of P2PU as well as research activities about P2PU. We’re partnering with researchers to develop better integrated data streams and management tools, guidelines and templates for facilitating research inquiry, and of course a diverse and active research community.

If you are interested in doing research with P2PU, please familiarize yourself with our guidelines:

  • Research should drive understanding and lead to action (we want research to improve and increase open social learning opportunities). We support research that leads to better understanding of the overall OER ecosystem, but we have a strong interest, and can commit more resources to research that also directly helps P2PU.
  • We want to work with you. Researchers agree to involve P2PU so that we can give input and feedback.
  • Research is great, respect is paramount. Researchers agree to be respectful of the privacy and time of everyone involved, especially individual users who are approached for data collection.
  • Research should be committed to openness. All data / findings are openly shared (using an appropriate CC license, e.g. CC0, CC BY SA or CC BY, depending on the type of data and finding). In cases where research is intended for publication in a closed journal, we require an open access self archived version of the final manuscript to be available online. Most journals allow this.
  • We are always open for discussion of these guidelines. 😉

Relevant Research Opportunities

  • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning: “Learning Analytics in Massively Multiuser Games, Virtual Environments and Courses.” Proposals due 7 October 2013. More information can be found here.

Next Steps for Researchers

  • Prepare a rough proposal (a few paragraphs will do) of what you’d like to work on with P2PU.
  • Send your ideas to your friendly Learning Lead, Vanessa Gennarelli, at
  • From there we will get in touch about the best way to move forward and support your research.

8 Responses to “Research”

  1. John Martin

    Talk about responsive! This should help the credibility & authority issues we were talking about in last weeks Google Hangout! Now I think it’s just a matter of tying it back into those courses we desire to collect data from.

    • mozzadrella

      Hey John, please help spread the word. Would love to connect with folks about research ideas.


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