Mechanical MOOC

The Mechanical MOOC is an experiment in how to run large open online courses on a shoestring budget by leveraging existing technologies and platforms that users are comfortable using.

The Mechanical MOOC has been used successfully to run several different courses:

  • Gentle introduction to Python” that attracted more than 10000 users over the five times that it ran.
  • Learning creative learning” – A learning methodologies course which attracted +- 20000 learners.
  • “Data explorer mission” – a smaller MOOC that focussed on group work.
  • Play with your music” which pioneered a large scale course on music production and analysis.

Like everything we do, we believe in sharing it openly and you can find the source code for the tools we use here on Github. There is some documentation to get you started, but chances are that you will need to get your hands dirty and learn a few things to run your very own Mechanical MOOC.

If you are interested in using the Mechanical MOOC, please tell us about your plans and what you need to get going.

Some more interesting reading for the enthusiastic reader can be found here: