Citizen Science

Diversifying the pursuit of science.


The Citizen Science project at P2PU is motivated by the idea that scientific ideas and practice should be accessible to everyone.  Doing this democratizes, diversifies and advances scientific thought, products, and our collective capacity for formal reasoning. The Citizen Science project is also about ways that openness and collaboration change the structure of science knowledge— and vice-versa.

The Citizen Science project ties into P2PU’s core goals with the following specific aims:

  • Community: Building scientific communities outside of institutional settings.
  • Peer-learning: exploring self-driven and peer-based approaches to science and mathematics through courses on
  • Openness: creating open science resources, supporting the use of and experimentation with open practices and formats between researchers and learners on the web.

Current activities:

  • Development of science content on related both to scientific practice and specific science and math topics.
  • Particle Quest is a game under development which uses cutting edge web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, web sockets, server-side Javascript) to create a 2D virtual world in which users explore ideas about particle physics in non-linear ways.

Project Lead: Jessy Kate Schingler.

If you are interested in collaborating on open and peer-based science, research, or crowdsourcing projects, please drop a line!


The Citizen Science project has received support from the Citizen Cyberscience Center and P2PU.

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