Save the date for the first School of Open Virtual Sprint!

The School of Open is about to take off in a big way over the next two weeks. Starting this Monday, 13 July, three peers + myself will be dedicating our energies full-time every day to mapping skills and creating courses that relate to openness. Although we’ll be doing some big picture thinking, much of our productive energies will be spent in our individual focus areas, which are as follows:

  • Pieter Kleymeer (Open.Michigan) is interested in sharing and developing open practices throughout the University of Michigan.
  • Molly Kleinman (University of Michigan PhD student in Higher Education) is interested in how academics can employ open tools to further research, along with the open data challenges we started together during the School of Data kick-off sprint.
  • Jane Park (Creative Commons and P2PU) – that’s me – is interested in CC licenses- and public domain tools- specific courses that can be easily repurposed for both high school students and lifelong learners at large.
  • Philipp Schmidt (P2PU) is interested in the big picture, and how School of Open will play nice with the other Schools, and implementation support.
  • The rest of the P2PU pop-office residents will participate in myriad ways, like joining us for the evening hack event (aka Open Challenges Workshop) we are putting on in cahoots with Mozilla Summer of Code (RSVP here) and the Virtual Sprint! details below.
School of Open Virtual Sprint #1

The first ever School of Open Virtual Sprint will take place on Tuesday, 24 July from 2:00-5:00pm Berlin time (UTC/GMT+1). Here’s how you can participate:

  • Join the School of Open discussion list at This is where course conception and more granular discussion will take place.
  • Add the course you want to create at
  • Details about the pad and chat we’ll be using during the sprint will be sent out to the discussion list prior to the sprint, plus anything else that crops up between now and then.

And that’s it! Please save the date/time and join us in seeding the School of Open with the first courses!

But wait, there’s more..

School of Open blogging DAILY

Molly and Piet don’t know it yet, but one of us will be blogging about our School of Open progress daily, to keep accountable to you, the community, and so you can chime in at any time to suggest a different direction. Follow this blog or subscribe to the school of open tag at to receive those updates starting Monday.

You can also see what we’re up to as we add to the etherpad in realtime at


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