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Writing For Change: Pre-Course Survey

Pic: Nomadic Lass on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Are you participating in Peer to Peer University’s (P2PU) Writing for Change course? Did you recently complete a pre-course survey? Curious as to what the survey was about or what the findings were? Well, read on! First, the survey was conducted by the OER Research Hub in collaboration with P2PU. Who are the OER Research Hub? Well,… Continue Reading →

Learning Resource Metadata and P2PU

P2Pu has been working with the LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative) project for some time, to help make online OERs more discoverable. We’re proud to be profiled in a case study by LRMI’s Lorna Campbell. A lot of projects whose OER work we admire have been part of this initiative, and we’re tickled pink to… Continue Reading →

Beware: Data On the Loose…

pic by bixentro on Flickr, CC BY, 2.0 P2PU is proud to announce that we have just put our very first data release up on the web for free sharing and reuse. This release was created with the help of our brilliant collaborators June Ahn, Sarah Ann Webster, and Brian Butler  from the Center for the Advanced… Continue Reading →

Assessment on the Web – Part 1

How to handle assessment for online learning has been a a headache for many of us working in the ed-tech space since the very first OERs first rolled off the production line. The fact that very few education people have managed to find a solution which sits well for most people only makes it all… Continue Reading →

The Mechanical MOOC – Behind the Machine

  Hi All, Today we’re going to take you on an inside look at the Mechanical MOOC.  We’re going to walk through it’s history, what’s happening now, and where we are headed with it. The MOOC has been an ongoing learning process and we’re made some major strides along the way. For this article, we… Continue Reading →

Course Creators – Want to Facilitate More Activity?

Here’s the first of many upcoming research highlights, which will be snapshots of studies about P2PU! Paper Link: PDF Citation: Ahn, J., Weng, C., & Butler, B. S. (2013). The dynamics of open, peer-to-peer learning: What factors influence participation in the P2P University? Proceedings of the 46th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (Learning Analytics and… Continue Reading →