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Writing For Change: Pre-Course Survey

Pic: Nomadic Lass on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Are you participating in Peer to Peer University’s (P2PU) Writing for Change course? Did you recently complete a pre-course survey? Curious as to what the survey was about or what the findings were? Well, read on! First, the survey was conducted by the OER Research Hub in collaboration with P2PU. Who are the OER Research Hub? Well,…

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Big Data, Big Problems: Join Audrey Watters, Khan, Mozilla + P2PU

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We all want to help learners be successful. What “success” means and how we measure it means different things depending on your point of view. Additionally, issues of privacy and security haunt the conversation. Join us to hear how we think about this emerging field. Join our crew: Vanessa Gennarelli of P2PU, Eli Feasely, Data Scientist…

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School of Open begins investigating its impact with the OER Research Hub

This is a cross-post from the original Creative Commons blog post by Jane Park Milton Keynes / CC BY I took up residence in Milton Keynes, England, for one week in October as the Linked OER Research Hub Fellow for theSchool of Open. The School of Open is a community of volunteers from all around the world who are developing free…

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Course Creators – Want to Facilitate More Activity?

Here’s the first of many upcoming research highlights, which will be snapshots of studies about P2PU! Paper Link: PDF Citation: Ahn, J., Weng, C., & Butler, B. S. (2013). The dynamics of open, peer-to-peer learning: What factors influence participation in the P2P University? Proceedings of the 46th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (Learning Analytics and…

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