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School of Open Research Findings (Part I)

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This is a repost from the OER Research Hub project, posted by the inimitable Beck Pitt at the Open University’s OER Research Hub. Read the original here   School of Open Logo (Source: CC-BY-SA Ever wondered what it means to “be” open? Or what kind of practices could be considered open? School of Open (SOO) courses focus… Continue Reading →

In Learning, Community Comes First #SLR14

In Learning, Community Comes First

  Assessment in a Community of Practice What’s your strongest memory of learning something new? Was it learning to play poker? Telling a story at a StorySlam? Getting your Google Hangout to work? Chances are, that learning experience had three elements: other people, ideas and expertise. Knowledge emerges when those pieces are intact and interacting…. Continue Reading →

Assessment on the Web – Part 3


Last week, we shared the second part of our series of reports looking at new ways of assessing learning on the Web. Parts 1 and 2 generated some excellent discussion, and we’re hoping to keep these conversations going with the final instalment. Part 3 interrogates the issue of feedback, and the role that peer feedback… Continue Reading →

Using P2PU to Badge Swedish Educators’ MOOC

    This is a guest post from Sara Mörtsell, Education Manager at Wikimedia Sweden, and part of the informal online community of Educators in Sweden As our Swedish MOOC for Educators, “Digitala Skollyftet” is nearing the end, some great projects have been awarded the Digitala Skollyftet Badge at P2PU. I’d like to take this opportunity to… Continue Reading →

Assessment on the Web – Part 1

How to handle assessment for online learning has been a a headache for many of us working in the ed-tech space since the very first OERs first rolled off the production line. The fact that very few education people have managed to find a solution which sits well for most people only makes it all… Continue Reading →

Reimagining Education at #EduCon Philadelphia

Taken at EduCon Philadelphia Jan 2014

Meenoo Rami invited me to come and speak at EduCon and while I am by no means an expert on school reform or teacher professional development (and made that clear to Meenoo before accepting the invitation) I ended up finding a lot of connection points between the questions raised and challenges discussed at the conference,… Continue Reading →

#Rhizo14′s Secret Sauce: Unraveling Learning on the Web

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Quick Friday post on how things are progressing in the “Rhizomatic Learning” course on, brought to you by the edupunk sparkplug Dave Cormier. With the proliferation of learning platforms on the web and abundance of resources, Dave envisioned a course where the “community is the curriculum.” Rhizomatic learning asks us to rethink our assumptions… Continue Reading →

Rhizomatic Learning at P2PU

We’re delighted (and more than a little dazzled) to announce that Dave Cormier will be running a course on Rhizomatic Learning at P2PU starting this month. Not sure what Rhizomatic Learning is? Then this is the course for you, of course… In a nutshell though – Rhizomatic learning is a story of how we can learn… Continue Reading →

Guest post: What’s behind the success of Copyright 4 Educators Australia?

The following is a cross-posting from our friends at Creative Commons. Its a guest post by Jessica Smith, National Copyright Officer for the National Copyright Unit of Australia. She ran the Copyright 4 Educators (AUS) course with Delia Browne as part of the School of Open’s second round of facilitated courses in 2013. The School of Open is a community of volunteers… Continue Reading →