Watch out MozFest – we’re coming at ya…


Exciting times! We’re gearing up for MozFest 2015.

The countdown to MozFest 2015 has begun, and we’re hopping with excitement. 3/4 of the P2PU crew will be there, running a pathway on how to learn face-to-face in public spaces, using online content. We’re also delighted that Mark Andersen, our friend and collaborator at the Chicago Public Library will be there too. Mark has been instrumental in getting Learning Circles off the ground in Chicago, and in keeping the project running in the second phase, and we can’t wait to see and hear him dispensing some serious library wisdom.

MozFest is one of our favourite Open Web events of the year – a true gathering of likeminded souls, who believe in creating, learning and teaching the value and importance of a free, shared Internet.

So if you’re going to be in London between November 6 and 8th, come and visit us. Tickets are available, and they sell out fast, so you’d better get cracking.

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