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Retention – Why MOOC providers can’t have it both ways

pic: girl_onthe_les on Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

This is a repost from Philipp Schmidt’s sharingnicely blog  MOOC antagonists have long used the dismal completion numbers as a sign that MOOCs don’t work. MOOC providers have countered that retention is an outdated concept that shouldn’t be applied to online courses. Neither are right. Why we should not care about retention: Retention is a very… Continue Reading →

Badges @P2PU: An update and thoughts…

Pic by Leo Reynolds on Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  A lot is happening in the badges space, and while it’s not clear what the next steps are for P2PU, we thought it would be good to share our thinking about these development. The Badge Alliance is a new organization that was spun out of Mozilla and is stewarding the badges ecosystem. Philipp is… Continue Reading →

The Great Peer Learning Pyramid Scheme

This is a re-post of a piece Philipp wrote for DMLCentral… I often get asked questions like these: Does peer learning really work? Don’t we need experts to learn from? Can the (proverbially) blind really lead the blind? Those are good questions and I will get back to them in a second. Then, there is… Continue Reading →

Reimagining Education at #EduCon Philadelphia

Taken at EduCon Philadelphia Jan 2014

Meenoo Rami invited me to come and speak at EduCon and while I am by no means an expert on school reform or teacher professional development (and made that clear to Meenoo before accepting the invitation) I ended up finding a lot of connection points between the questions raised and challenges discussed at the conference,… Continue Reading →

Good people of P2PU, I thank you!

Pjlipp the Boss

Philipp here. I am taking a position at the MIT Media Lab and am joining the P2PU board. Which means I have to step down as Executive Director of P2PU. There, I said it. Read on for the details.   Last year I relocated from Cape Town to Boston to spend a year at the… Continue Reading →

Travel & Learning

This is a great moment to think carefully about the purpose of the university. Especially for those who are associated with it. But then, we (they?) have been told this before. And we might be tempted to wait and see if the recent developments in online learning are yet another storm in a water-glass,  which will… Continue Reading →

Innovation and The Freedom to Break Things

[Crossposting here from the Media Lab Director's Fellows blog] This week we launched the Learning Creative Learning course with 24,000 participants. One one hand, I am thrilled that we have such a large audience, and especially that they come from all over the world. On the other hand, having so many participants makes experimentation much harder. The… Continue Reading →

Help us Edit the Learners Bill of Rights

This is an invitation to help redraft/improve this Bill of Rights: Anyone can comment on the document. If you want to edit, just request access through google docs and I’ll add you to the editors.  Background: In December I participated in a meeting with other MOOCsters (including friends like Audrey Watters, John Seely Brown, and… Continue Reading →

The Possibility of Punk – A P2PU Strategy Jam

During the last weeks of 2012, we spent some time thinking about the year. To identify which projects we had most enjoyed working on, which activities we were best at, and also talk about things that didn’t go so well and need to improve. And we wanted to remind ourselves where we come from and where… Continue Reading →