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Retention – Why MOOC providers can’t have it both ways

pic: girl_onthe_les on Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

This is a repost from Philipp Schmidt’s sharingnicely blog  MOOC antagonists have long used the dismal completion numbers as a sign that MOOCs don’t work. MOOC providers have countered that retention is an outdated concept that shouldn’t be applied to online courses. Neither are right. Why we should not care about retention: Retention is a very…

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Innovation and The Freedom to Break Things

[Crossposting here from the Media Lab Director’s Fellows blog] This week we launched the Learning Creative Learning course with 24,000 participants. One one hand, I am thrilled that we have such a large audience, and especially that they come from all over the world. On the other hand, having so many participants makes experimentation much harder. The…

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Learning Creative Learning – A Media Lab & P2PU co-production

Learning Creative Learning is an online course for designers, developers and educators. Offered by the MIT Media Lab & yours truly, the folks at P2PU. It’s based on a course Mitch Resnick teaches at the Media Lab. And now it’s online for the first-time through a collaboration with P2PU. That’s pretty cool. We just opened –> SIGN-UP . Please…

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Help us Edit the Learners Bill of Rights

This is an invitation to help redraft/improve this Bill of Rights: Anyone can comment on the document. If you want to edit, just request access through google docs and I’ll add you to the editors.  Background: In December I participated in a meeting with other MOOCsters (including friends like Audrey Watters, John Seely Brown, and…

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