Help us Edit the Learners Bill of Rights

This is an invitation to help redraft/improve this Bill of Rights:

Anyone can comment on the document. If you want to edit, just request access through google docs and I’ll add you to the editors.


In December I participated in a meeting with other MOOCsters (including friends like Audrey Watters, John Seely Brown, and Cathy Davidson and many new ones) and helped draft a “Bill of Rights”. The document was embargoed until today, which is why I wasn’t able to share it earlier.The general gist of it is in line with P2PU values – open, community, peer-learning –  but there is a lot of room for improvement. For example bits and pieces seem too institutional (where the learner is still considered a participant, rather than the owner).  Here is more on the document from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Anyone interested in making a P2PU version or discussing the points raised in the doc, please jump right in. Or leave comments below. 

There is also a github repository, which will hopefully spawn a lot of other versions. Here is our fork ->

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