P2PU Newsletter – November 2023

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  • Community Coordinator part-time contract
  • Consultancy Roster
  • SWAG & Giving Tuesday 
  • Keystone training workshop
  • AI overload and its relation to this newsletter

🌪️ The year has sped past and so much has happened. We saw a deluge of volunteer facilitated learning circles in Pittsburg (way to go 👍)! We said goodbye to Lydian and Grif (cue the sad emojis 😭). And we launched the learner dashboard 🚀. As some of you gear up for Thanksgiving, we’re taking one last breath before the final stint to end the year!

🧙 We are on the lookout for a part-time Community Coordinator to help us foster and grow our global community of partners, facilitators and learners. This is initially a 3 month contract with the potential for a more extensive collaboration. For detailed information on the role and application process, please refer here.

🥷 We soft-launched our consultancy roster. We are looking for freelance designers, social media marketers, learning designers and frontend developers to work on a per-project basis. Send your CV, portfolio and your approximate daily rate as a single PDF to thepeople@p2pu.org with the subject “Consultancy Roster” if you’d like to be notified when project work becomes available.

💸 Are you a fan of P2PU? How about grabbing some sweet SWAG from our spreadshirt store? You could be rocking a botmoji hoodie or decorate your laptop with some new stickers! P2PU is a non-profit that creates open resources, and while we’re not big on asking for donations, we do love seeing our gear out and about. Not interested in SWAG? No problem, you can always donate here to help keep the lights on and the servers running.

🎓 At the start of this year we helped NYU Tandon create an online course for early-stage founders and aspiring entrepreneurs with technology-enabled ventures. You can find the course here. We’d like to schedule a training early 2024 for facilitators interested in using this course. Let us know at thepeople@p2pu.org if you’d like to join.

🤖 2023 has been the year of AI. You can hardly cross a street without bumping into a large language model! So we got ChatGPT to lend a hand with this newsletter. Like in Dune, we’re not big fans of machines doing all the thinking so we started by first drafting what we wanted to say. Then used ChatGPT to rewrite several parts of this newsletter and incorporated the bits that we liked. We are curious to hear how you have been using AI in your learning circles, work and life. Reach out to thepeople@p2pu.org if you’d like to talk about this in a future community call.

🦃 As we wrap up, a massive THANK YOU to the entire community! Your contributions, support, participation, enthusiasm and initiative is what makes P2PU shine!  Speaking of shine, be on the lookout for P2PU’s first impact report at the end of the year. 


👋 The P2PU team

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