A new learning circle dashboard for learners

As part of our work with College Unbound (CU), we are introducing a dashboard for learners. The purpose of the dashboard is to create a persistent place where learners can access learning circle information and functionality online. We hope to improve the dashboard and make it simpler for participants to convert their learning circle participation into credit from CU credit where applicable.

The learner dashboard is optional and learners can participate in a learning circles by signing up with their email address. As part of the signup confirmation email, we give users the options to create a P2PU account and access their learner dashboard:

When a learner creates an account, they will need to confirm their email address before they get access to their learner dashboard. This is necessary to preserve the privacy of learners without complicating account creation for facilitators. We are planning to address this issue in a future update.

Once a learner has confirmed their email address, they’ll see active learning circles they’re participating in featured on their P2PU dashboard.

Clicking on the teal button will take them to their learner dashboard for that particular learning circle:

On the dashboard, learners can RSVP to future meetings:

View the signup email and other messages sent by the facilitator:

And at the end there is a prompt to complete the learner survey:

If the learning circle is marked as eligible for CU credit, there will be extra information on the process for earning CU credit.

Facilitators will only see a link to the learner dashboard if they are also signed up for a learning circle as a learner.

Future improvements

We’d like to explore a better call to actions for learners that communicates the value of an account

The current process of creating an account and having to confirm your email address before you get access to your learning circle information can be improved.

User testing

We’re conducting short user interviews to gather feedback from learners and facilitators. Please take 30 minutes to help us improve the learner dashboard.

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