July Newsletter

Hi, friends of P2PU! We’ve loved seeing the new learning circles cropping up this summer. Have any questions, suggestions, or victories to share? Let us know at thepeople@p2pu.org – we’re always glad to hear from you.

👋 The P2PU Team

Farewell Party on August 10th!

Grif and Lydian are moving on to new positions! We’re thankful to them for their time at P2PU. You can leave them a message in our farewell zine!

Join us on Thursday, August 10th (RSVP) for a sendoff and to congratulate Q Goss on her new position as interim executive director. 🥳 See you then!

Advanced Facilitation Course: P2PU + RILA

n collaboration with Rhode Island Library Association (RILA), P2PU has developed a series of five modules for individuals who want to engage in more advanced facilitation skills.

These modules explore socio-emotional, logistical, and technical aspects of facilitation. P2PU is lending its expertise in facilitating peer learning experiences to these modules to help people develop and expand their facilitation skills. This series is designed such that each module can be run as a standalone 60-90 minute workshop, or run consecutively as a five-part learning circle. The five modules are:

🤝 Co-facilitation: How to lead peer learning programs with a partner.
🛌 Self-advocacy: How to look out for yourself when running a program.
🤖 Technical programs: How to lead technical programs when you’re a non-expert.
🪡 Difficult Discussions: How to navigate sensitive and interpersonal topics.
⚖️ Safe Spaces: How to balance feeling safe with feeling challenged.

We encourage anyone interested in facilitation to explore these modules as a self-paced learning experience or in a group by using our Advanced Facilitation Techniques Course!

Learning Circles on Digital Inclusion

We hosted a training for facilitators focused on digital inclusion on July 19th! We shared best practices for facilitating learning circles focused on digital literacy, financial literacy, and other important skills in your communities. 

💻 Introductory Computer Skills
💰 Personal Financial Planning
🌐 Creating a Personal Website Using WordPress
🧮 Excel Basics for Data Analysis

Interested in facilitating these learning circles in your community? Contact us at thepeople@p2pu.org to ask questions and get support on facilitating your own learning circle!

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Aug 10
Farewell Call (RSVP + Info)
In lieu of our recurring monthly facilitator call, we’re hosting a farewell party for Grif + Lydian! Join us to swap stories and wish them well on their next adventure. 

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