Meet Lydian, our new Community Coordinator!

Hi y’all! I’m Lydian (they/them), the new Community Coordinator for P2PU as of November. I’m excited to join this vibrant community of learners and facilitators!

Library reference work has taught me to teach and learn by asking questions. It’s something I bring to every part of my life, be it meeting new people, learning a new instrument, or sewing wearable circuits. Communities of practice at their best are spaces where people feel comfortable asking questions, and I’m looking forward to embracing that spirit with P2PU. 

I believe that with enough time, space, and energy, anyone can learn anything. I’m so thrilled to be working with P2PU to grow and support our peer learning community. I’ve met several facilitators in our monthly calls and hope to meet many more in the coming year. Subscribe to our new P2PU Community Calendar to stay in the loop about upcoming events!

I live in Athens, Georgia, where I’ve been playing music and making zines for the past ten years. I embroider in my free time, and you can see some of my sewing projects on Instagram (@ly.bram). I’m fluent in Spanish, y si hablas español, me encantaría ayudarte con cualquier pregunta que tengas sobre nuestra organización.

Share your recipes for textile circuits and guitar pedals with me! Email me anytime:

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