P2PU Newsletter – Nov 2020

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Looking back, looking ahead!

Graphic image containing floating smiley faces and the text: "You're invited! Community Board Meeting, Wed Dec 2 12–1PM ET"

This Wednesday, we’re hosting a Community Board Meeting and you’re invited! In this public call, we’ll recap what happened in 2020 and introduce P2PU’s strategic objectives for 2021:

  • Champion the learning circle model
  • Cultivate the best free learning materials on the web
  • Support a global community of practice
  • Financially sustain our organization

During the call, we’ll offer space for the community to share stories, give feedback, and affirm our priorities to make sure our work with learning circles has a wide and lasting impact in the coming years.

Please join us! 🥳 

👋 Dirk, Grif, Nico, Becky, and Q

News from November

Nico, a white man with blonde hair, holding up a poster board with a square hole cut out and smiling through the hole. The poster board says "Charlotte Mecklenburg Library National Poetry Month" on the edges around his face.

Goodbye Nico!

After 3 years as our Community Lead, our colleague Nico is moving on from P2PU next month. 😢 We’ll miss you, Nico! Read his last blog post here and join us on Wed, Dec 9th for a small online going-away party. (p.s. Can’t make it to the call? Add your notes or pictures to the goodbye card!)

Computer screenshot of a digital word cloud responding to the question "What knowledge or skills are needed to find a new job?" The top answers visible are resume writing, email etiquette, and local job networks.

Job Readiness Resources

Interested in helping the people in your community find new jobs? We’ve just launched a list of resources to help facilitators prepare and plan job skills programs. See the Job Readiness Topic Guide and add your thoughts to the community word cloud

Screenshot of a small part of a website interface that says "Step 2. Find a Location. Are you meeting online?" and a green toggle between No and Yes.

Better Scheduling Tools

We’ve spruced up the learning circle creation page to hopefully make your life a little easier—check out that online toggle and our new calendar view! See a write-up of the changes here.

Community Spotlight

“Learning circles provide people with opportunities to rethink how people learn and work together. I believe what made this learning circle so exciting for folks was the collaborative aspects, and because of that it was recommended that the same group continue to meet once a month to continue to further these discussions while looking at new topics. The participants learned a lot (and so did I as facilitator!) and want to continue to learn together.”

— Facilitator reflection from The 1619 Project learning circle

November Learning Circles

In November, 346 people participated in 76 learning circle meetings in 12 countries!

15 learning circles came to an end. Check out a few of the insights:

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