Updating how we keep in touch!

Building a strong community of practice lies at the heart of P2PU. In order to collaborate effectively and reliably with our community, we are announcing a new monthly virtual event schedule and big changes to our newsletter.

Monthly Public Calls

Starting in July, we’re hosting 3 virtual meetings open to all: 

  • Community Call (1st Wednesday): an open forum to discuss topics relevant to learning circles and the community participating in them. Have an idea for a topic? Propose it here!
  • Facilitator Call (2nd Wednesday): a support group for learning circle facilitators to reflect on their practice, share advice, and experiment with new facilitation strategies
  • UX Call (3rd Wednesday): a user experience (UX) discussion to welcome feedback and input on P2PU’s existing tools and upcoming features. This call has a companion working group that receives occasional emails with questions about in-progress mockups—if you’d like to receive these messages, sign up here

We’ve added a Community Events section to our forum, and each month’s upcoming calls have a dedicated post with information, an RSVP, and a call agenda. Check out the forum or subscribe to our Google calendar to keep track of upcoming events.

Monthly Newsletter 

For years, we’ve had two distinct mailing lists: a twice-yearly newsletter sent to those who sign up for updates via our website and an every-6th-weekly stats digest sent to those with P2PU accounts. Since both newsletters share similar information at different frequencies, our aim is to combine them into one monthly overview of stories from learning groups around the world and improvements to the tools that support them.

These newsletters will go out at the top of each month. Our first updated newsletter went out to all mailing lists on June 29th—read it here.

If you’d like to receive this newsletter, you can sign up here or opt in to Receive Announcements in your P2PU account settings.

Ongoing Improvements 

We hope these systems will evolve as we go. More than anything, we want to create a network for members of our community to support each other and grow the work in their communities. We always welcome your feedback, ideas, and requests to thepeople@p2pu.org

Hope to see you soon! 👋

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