Meet Becky!

Hi hello, nice to meet you! 👋

I’m Becky, and I joined P2PU in April as the Production Lead. I’m here to explore how we learn from people’s experiences in learning circles and uses that knowledge to support our community, improve our tools, and share our work with the world.

Admittedly, a global pandemic is a strange time to join an organization focused on in-person learning! My first two months have been busy: along with participating in my first learning circle (The Science of Well-Being), I worked with our team and dozens of volunteers worldwide in weekly working groups to create resources for facilitators and educators shifting their educational programming online. (We launched a comprehensive 101 guide last week: check out the Virtual Learning Circles Handbook!)

I love to share knowledge and create things with people. I’m energized by P2PU’s values of peer learning, community, and equity, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with this team to create more accessible learning spaces worldwide.

I come to P2PU with a background in education-focused communities, both online and in-person. Prior to P2PU, I worked at a small independent toy store and play space dedicated to providing tools for developmental growth and accessible spaces for connecting and educating young families in Portland, OR. Before that, I spent 4 years managing—a free international creative platform for kids to discover new skills through project-based skill patches (akin to digital Scouts). Along with curating free online resources into curriculum and overseeing our thriving community, I created educational content in all mediums and taught a myriad of hands-on workshops to kids and adults.

In my spare time, I am a toymaker! I love to play with things and make things that are fun to play with. Every year, I commit to a creative challenge called The 100 Day Project where I pick a creative task and do it for 100 days. I’ve made stuffed creatures, face pillows, t-shirt pockets, pom-pom sculptures, a crochet quilt, and I’m currently working on a set of painted wooden blocks. (Want to see? I’ve neglected my personal website but share my projects and process on instagram under the moniker @bookymargoof.)

You’ll probably get some emails from me in the coming months as we begin building out new support systems. In the meantime, I’d love to meet you! Please send me your favorite GIF anytime:

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