Updates to learningcircles.p2pu.org

We’re excited to share recent updates we’ve made to the learning circles tools to help you better run learning circles!

Team organizer dashboard interface

Last year we introduced the ability to form teams of facilitators managed by one or more organizers. As team sizes increased, it became apparent that we needed to improve the user interface of the team organizer dashboard to make large teams with many learning circles manageable.

Here is an example of what the old dashboard looked like with all facilitators in one team!

The list of facilitators is cut off since we don’t want you scroll for the rest of the day 🙂

We separated the three sections “Upcoming meetings”, “Active learning circles” and “Facilitators” into tabs you can dynamically switch between. Here are screenshots with each of the different tabs open:

Upcoming meetings tab

Active learning circles tab

Facilitators tab

We also added support for paging and searching. Here is an example from the facilitators tab

This dashboard is currently only available to teams, if you have a team and would like access to the dashboard, send us a mail at thepeople@p2pu.org.

Support for other languages

As part of our work with CRI in Paris, we added support to translate the learning circle tools into other languages. We don’t currently have any completed translations, except for “pirate spanish”, but you are now in a position to help us translate the tools to your own language! If you would like to help, head over to Transifex and start translating!

What next?

In the coming months we will work on improving the functionality of the team dashboard, develop the ability to list learning circles on 3rd party website and other changes to better serve the community of facilitators.

If there is anything that you would like to see, be sure to join the community mailing list and start a conversation there.

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