Imagine a world where the university is your local library

Chicago_Library_DowntownWhile we love online learning, we recognize that for some it can be intimidating and impersonal. Not only are you learning a new topic, but you have to learn new tools and new ways to communicate. Online learning communities can have their own lingo and ways of interacting, just like any ‘real-world’ community.  For many people, this is new and unfamiliar.

But just around the corner there is a big building full of books and friendly people that would love to help you discover the riches of information out there. Not only that, but there are other people like you in your surroundings.

We believe there is intrinsic value to interaction with your local community and that by helping libraries support online learning we can increase the successful outcomes for individuals from online learning.

That is why P2PU and Chicago Public Library submitted a proposal to the Knight News Challenge (full submission here). We will create the infrastructure to provide a real-world wrapper around online learning. We wish to combine the library’s familiar resources, P2PU’s experience in building online communities, and the peer support & feedback of fellow-learners, to support aspiring learners through online courses.

And we can use your support.

If you like our idea, give us some applause over on the Knight News Challenge site! If you have questions, comments or want to express even more enthusiasm, leave us comments there and help shape the work we do!

More details on the Knight News Challenge available  on the news challenge website.

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