Learn how to talk to your fridge…


P2PU is delighted to announce that, along with our brilliant collaborators, we’re launching the School of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is a new landscape where our daily objects and environments are connected to the Internet. This scenario offers lots of exciting capabilities and opportunities to discover our world in a different way.

P2PU School of Internet of Things (IoT) will introduce you into this new technological revolution, offering specific tools to analyze, design and make your own IoT projects along your peers. Every week we will explore real world projects, learn about the building blocks for IoT and start creating our own connected devices. Join us in this very exciting journey!

Everything here is 100% free, open source and powered by a global community of people like you who want to teach Internet of Things and makers skills in ways that are creative, participatory and fun. You can sign up here and follow us here: @SchoolOfIoT

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