Deeper Learning Massive Open Online Course (DLMOOC) Opens for Enrollment

P2PU is delighted to be part of a new collaborative exploration of deeper learning and in-depth investigation of what education could and should be about, which will be starting in January, 2014.

High Tech High, Peer 2 Peer University, and MIT Media Lab are proud to present the launch of a new free massive open online course (MOOC) for K-16 educators. The Deeper Learning MOOC (DLMOOC) will start on January 20, 2014.

DLMOOC will include glimpses into cutting edge schools that are putting deeper learning into practice and will invite educators to delve deeply into their own practice. Some of the most pedagogically interesting schools in the country will share their insights, giving participants benefits normally gained only through in-person visits.

You can find out more about the DLMOOC and the people behind it in the press release after the jump…

Asked about deeper learning, Ben Daley, Chief Academic Officer for High Tech High and leader of DLMOOC said, “Deeper learning is about covering a smaller number of topics in greater depth. It’s about doing relevant, engaging work; making things; and presenting work to a real audience. In this course, we’ll be connecting with other educators who are doing this kind of work and putting progressive theory into real practice.”

In the spirit of connectivist MOOCs, DLMOOC will encourage educators to network with peers, to reflect on their practice, and to share with others, all in a flexible format. Each week of the course will focus on a different aspect of deeper learning and will include a panel discussion from experts in the field, facilitated conversations about classroom practice, readings, videos, a “put it into practice” experience, and online discussions.

Reflecting on the DLMOOC preview week held in November, Alison Anderson from Getting Smart said the online panel discussions presented “an extremely insightful conversation on the importance of students having an adaptive/positive academic mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset and how essential it is in order for deeper learning to occur…. [W]e can’t wait to dive even deeper this January with the highly anticipated new Deeper Learning MOOC (DLMOOC).

DLMOOC is a partnership between High Tech High Graduate School of Education, MIT Media Lab, Peer 2 Peer University, and the Hewlett Foundation Deeper Learning Community of Practice with support from the Hewlett Foundation and the Raikes Foundation.


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