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Hello, Carl!

photo Carl 5

We’d like to introduce a new face in the P2PUniverse, Carl Ruppin. Most of your have met Carl already, but we thought it was time to give him a proper welcome. Carl has joined us as strategy advisor and operations expert and will be helping us turn good ideas on PostIts and Google Docs into real, everyday working practice.

A lawyer by training, Carl is based in Princeton, and before moving to the US, spent several years working at the National Copyright Unit in the New South Wales Department of Education and Training in Sydney, Australia, so he’s well versed on the issues of open access, education and the Web. However, we’re not sure yet where he stands on the Marmite vs Vegemite debate…

Since July of this year, P2PU has been busy working on a new strategic vision and implementation plan. Many of you have been involved in this process from the beginning, and although it’s taken a little while to get it all ready, we’re excited about what it means for P2PU. While we’re going to focus more on some stuff, and less on others, in reality very little will actually change in terms of the kinds of experiments we work on, and the types of partners we work with. We’ll be sharing the details of this plan soon, so stay posted…

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