NYU + MIT Media Lab + P2PU Offer “Play With Your Music”: A Free and Playful Introduction to Audio Engineering

Signup opens today for “Play With Your Music” (playwithyourmusic.org) a free, 6-week online course where participants will explore, mix and remix songs, using the newest tools on the web. Learners will master the ins and outs of audio production, while working with music they already know and love. Anyone with an interest in making music is welcome, and all you need is a computer and a browser.

“Play With Your Music” (or #PWYM) is a nifty collaboration between faculty in NYU Steinhardt‘s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions, Peer 2 Peer University and the MIT Media Lab. Professor Alex Ruthmann and Research Assistant Ethan Hein offer their expertise and musical chops, all brought to you with the social learning design team at P2PU.

“Play With Your Music” is the latest Mechanical MOOC production from the folks over at P2PU. The Mechanical MOOC groups learners together in cohorts of thirty-to-forty people in order to build social cohesion amongst learners and bolster learner engagement. Recent Mechanical MOOC projects include Learning Creative Learning, a collaboration with Dr. Mitch Resnick at the MIT Media Lab, and P2PU. A Gentle Introduction to Python, another Mechanical MOOC project, is now in its 5th cycle and has served over 10,000 learners.

This course will tap the latest music education tools the web has to offer. P2PU will use the Echonest API to group cohorts based on musical taste. Learners will also use Soundation’s web-based production environment to learn the basics of mixing and sound editing. After making their own sounds, folks will post their tracks to SoundCloud’s listening community, and collaborate with each other via Google+.

Signup is open now, with the course beginning November 1st.

#PWYM is produced with support from the Shuttleworth Foundation and the MIT Director’s Fellows Program.


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