Badges in the Bronx: P2PU + Youth Voices

P2PU took peer learning up to the Bronx this past Tuesday when I was invited to give a workshop on Badges to a classroom of high school writers. These intrepid folks were part of the Youth Voices Summer Program, a project sponsored by the National Writing Project and headed up by the very stellar Paul Allison.

Youth Voices encourages written expression amongst high school students, often through learning projects using collaborative web tools. When I walked in, students were reflecting with each other on Google Hangouts and posting responses to each other’s pieces on the Youth Voices blog.

I asked these writers to think about 3 things they are good at, select one and work with their small group to design a learning activity based on all of their interests. They then created a Badge to reflect mastery of their collective talents.

Check out the very clever activities and Badges they made:

Thanks to Paul Allison for an amazing day. It was truly transformational to work with the Youth Voices folks.

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