Want to Build a Course? Here’s how…

Most people who pass through the virtual gates of P2PU consider running a course. Which sometimes looks less like a course, and more like a challenge. Or reading group. Or even a MOOC.

Whatever their learning experiences look like, we’ve always offered support to organisers and facilitators via our “How to Create a Course” course. But when things move as rapidly as they do in the freewheeling, experimental world of open online edication, these kind of resources can age pretty quickly.

Not any more though! We’ve just upgraded, revamped, updated and totally overhauled the How to Create a Course course. And it is, if we may say so, steller (gold stars in this case go to Vanessa).

The course is a primer on how to run successful and robust courses on P2PU.org. If you are looking to connect with others interested in teaching similar topics, get feedback on your design and understand the learning theory behind Courses, this is the very best place for you to start. This course is especially good for folks who want to get familiar with the p2pu.org platform, create meaningful activities and projects for their course, learn about their audience and promotion, and understand how Badges and feedback work at P2PU.

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