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Happy Release Day! We are OBI Compliant, Folks.

Maybe you saw this outside your window this morning:

That was our release on 🙂

Big stuff for P2PU this week, including the much-anticipated very-exciting stellar and celebratory news… 

You can now push Badges to the Mozilla Open Badges Backpack.

If you’ve earned a Badge on, log into your account and view “My Badges.” You’ll see the spiffy button to push it to the OBI (Open Badges Infrastructure).

P2PU Badges   Dashboard

After an easy-peasy ten seconds of utterly painless authentication, your Badges will appear like so:

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 3.31.00 PM

Other gems in this week’s release:

  • Rich text editor for feedback: Make it bold. Embed links. Give feedback richly.
  • Style updates for Projects: We want your Project to look clean and fresh.
  • Learner’s profile pages got a little design and discoverability love.

What’s on deck for next sprint:

  • Improved Badge creation flow
  • Integration with

Spotlight on Erika Pogorelc for her wizardry and fortitude.

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