What is P2PU Building? An Update from the Flight Deck

This post was sent via carrier pigeon and smoke signal from Vanessa and the posse in the Badge Cave. Which is nothing like a Bat Cave…


You may have noticed, dear Community members, that Dirk and Vanessa (and now Erika & Chris!) have had Badges on the brain.

Day and night, we’ve been pushing 1s and 0s, writing copy, building out specs, and finessing HTML into some semblance of being.


But what in creation are we building?


As you may have seen from a recent DML Presentation, our core design principles for this iteration of Badges are:


designs priorities

What does that mean, Vanessa?


A Focus on Feedback


When a Learner submits a Project, an “Expert”–someone who already has the Badge–will be notified that it’s available for review.



Instead of a rubric, the Expert will leave red-yellow-green qualitative feedback for the Learner. Either the Expert will award the Badge, or send the feedback only.


Prompt Iteration


If the Learner has not achieved mastery with their Project, they can revise and resubmit it. From there, the same Expert is notified that there’s a revision–a design choice aimed at nurturing mentorship.


Current Status
The core functionality is up on http://dev.p2pu.org:5543/en/
core badges
We’re moving quickly and furiously to meet our deadline to demo at the Digital Media and Learning Conference on March 13.
For that launch, we’ll have the following minimum viable product:
  • Create a Badge
  • Submit a Project
  • Give feedback & award a Badge
  • Badge gallery/landing page
  • Dashboard page
  • Email notifications
Later improvements will include:
  • Landing page gallery sort/filter
  • Evaluating usefulness of feedback
  • Further prettification
  • Add Badge to P2PU course
  • Badge creation gallery of shapes and colors
Will I be able to associate a Badge with my P2PU course?
Yes, you will. Not for our March 13th demo, but it’s on the board.


How long will my Badge take to be published and ready for action?

Immediately. You’ll get to preview it before you publish, and then you’ll get a confirmation that the Badge is live.


I’m not in a P2PU course, but I have an event or a project I’d like to create a badge for. Can I?

Yes. One of the requirements of our DML grant is that we create a Badge-creation *platform* so anyone can create a Badge.


Next Steps
We would *love* your feedback and questions. Erika and I will be working together on improving the experience over the next few months.
So please do leave feedback on the list–pretty please! We might not get to it into time for DML, but have at it. I know in particular Erika and Dirk are looking for style feedback.

You can track our progress on https://trello.com/board/badges/512397c1036058ed1a0034b6


You can find the full spec and more information here: http://www.slideshare.net/VanessaGennarelli/badge-spec-for-p2pu


Yours in the future of learning,


Dirk, Philipp and Vanessa (and Chris and Erika!)

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