Open Science Sprint with Creative Commons for Open Data Day


Creative Commons is hosting an Open Science Course Sprint, pulling together people from all areas of science, data, and education to explore Open Science and Data in celebration of Open Data Day on 23rd of February . Would you like to help? If so, read on!

In a Nutshell

The group will be building a P2PU course which will serve as an “Introduction to Open Science”.  The course will guide learners through concepts of Open Access, Open Research, Open Data, and finish with leading them to Open Science Communities.  At various steps in the “course”, learners will complete challenges that reinforce their understand of essential concepts, building out open community documents that will help others learn, too.  We’ll use this document to frame up the overall structure of the course, and will be building out the modules/lessons during a “sprint” on Open Data Day.


Can you help? Yes.

Regardless of your specialization, an extra set of eyes is good.  And a set of hands is even better!  We need some folks who are domain experts in areas of Open Science.  We need some who are Open Access advocates that understand the need for improved scientific literacy.  We need instructional designers and those who have teaching experience.  And we need anyone who wants to help guide learners and young researchers towards an ecosystem of sharing scientific research.  If you’re still not sure you can help but want to find out more, contact Billy at Creative Commons

If you’d like to get a head start and poke around the P2PU platform, click here to go to the development course on P2PU.This course will be a starting point, a low-level introduction to Open Science that we hope will inspire others to involve “open” practices in their learning and practices in science.  It’s important to keep the basic nature of this course in mind, but also think about similar courses and challenges involving Open Science and Data that could be built off from this idea.  Still interested?  Let’s go!

Event Information

Participants in the Bay Area are invited to the Creative Commons HQ in Mountain View, CA to work on the course on Saturday, February 23rd from 9:30am-4:00pm.  Folks on the ground will be served lunch and will have use of our conference room, whiteboards, and markers.  And we have internet, too.

Participants who can’t help out in person will be able to participate via Google Hangout or Skype.  Everyone who helps out will get a thank-you from CC (and we might even send you some CC goodies, too!)  Leading up to the actual course sprint, the planning documents will all be available for collaboration and critique.  Participants on hand during the event will be using these resources to build out the course, so more work done beforehand will help us accomplish more during the course sprint.


Please choose your ticket from those still available.  This is an open event, and we invite all participants to help us celebrate Open Data Day by contributing to the planning and building of this Open Science course.

NOTE: Registration for the in-person event will close on Wednesday, February 20th.  Remote participants will be able to register up to start of the sprint. 

This event organized by the Science Program at Creative Commons.

Additional support provided by the Open Knowledge Foundation and PLOS.

Open Science logo by Greg Emmerich / CC-BY-SA
Header image by US Fish and Widlife Service / CC-BY

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