Learning Creative Learning – A Media Lab & P2PU co-production

Learning Creative Learning is an online course for designers, developers and educators. Offered by the MIT Media Lab & yours truly, the folks at P2PU. It’s based on a course Mitch Resnick teaches at the Media Lab. And now it’s online for the first-time through a collaboration with P2PU. That’s pretty cool.

We just opened –> SIGN-UP . Please consider joining and tell your friends about it.

You can also follow @medialabcourse on twitter, and we’ll be using the #medialabcourse hashtag.

What will you learn? What’s the course about?

You learn a whole lot about learning. And because learning (and learning about learning) is more fun with other people we’ll group you with other students, so you can share ideas, give each other feedback, and make new friends. Each week we’ll focus on a particular topic related to creative learning, such as “Interest-Based Learning” or “Powerful Ideas” or “Tinkering.” We’ll host a panel discussion, inviting some of the world’s best thinkers and builders to join us in person or online. You’ll be able to suggest questions beforehand and follow along live (or watch it later). We’ll also design a hands-on activity for each week that you can tackle on your own or in a group (more fun!). You’ll get a chance to experiment with lots of different technologies and projects.

Check out the video

Short video on some of our ideas for the online version of this course, what’s special about learning at the Media Lab and P2PU and how we hope to co-experiment with the participants.

Learning by the seats of our pants

It’s a big experiment. We are building on the Mechanical MOOC software to handle sign-up and group email, but will use a range of separate tools including G+ hangouts and G+ communities and Google Moderator to facilitate the other aspects of the course. The idea was to combine open source software and free-of-charge tools. We want this to be a model that almost anyone could replicate rather than an expensive massive platform that will lead to our world domination.

Also, we expect that not everything will work super smoothly, and things may even break a little occasionally. And that’s great as long we are learning how to do this better, and everyone has a good time (and we’ll do our best to make sure everyone does). We are looking forward to interesting challenges and problems, and most of all to solving them together. The participants are our strongest allies in making this work, and we’ll do everything we can to help and support them.

We hope you’ll like the course!

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