Teaching girls to be programmers – Technovation Challenge on P2PU

The Technovation Challenge is a competition run by Iridescent  in the US, which aims to equip highschool girls with the skills they need to become technologically literate. Since launching in 2010, over 800 school-age girls have programmed 163 mobile phone apps and learned to launch a startup company.

This year, as part of their plan to open the competition for global participation with the goal of reaching 1,000 girls, they’re using P2PU as a learning space. Over 12 weeks, girls step through an online curriculum (hosted on P2PU) that helps them develop a potential solution and program a mobile phone application to solve it. They learn how to study their competition, identify ways in which they can gather users, and strategize to earn revenue. They also created this great P2PU walkthrough video to introduce participants to the platform.

We’re tickled pink to have Technovation and their crew of girl-programmer powerhouses onboard. Welcome to P2PU, and good luck! We’ll be watching closely – who knows, we may need you app ninja skills one of these days…


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