Release Notes: tagging, languages, another School… happy days!

A small little release went through today, but hopefully the impact will be felt 🙂

What changed you ask?

First and foremost, the learn page receive a bit of attention! 10 points if you can point out whats different… ok, I will tell you.

Language preferences for course listings are simplified and persistent. The default is to look for courses in all languages. If you select a language, your preference will be saved and all the courses you see from there on should be in your chosen language. The language that is currently active will be displayed at the bottom of the sidebar on the left.

Tags shown in the sidebar are chosen based on the courses currently being displayed. For example when you browse the courses affiliated with a school, only the tags of courses that are in the school will show up in the side bar.

Tags can be chained to refine your search. Go to “View all”, click on one tag and then another. You will now see courses with both tags applied. You can also remove one of the selected tags. Tags used to act more like lists of things, but now they act more like filters.

Some URLs changed. Everything used to live at with some funny “all_language=on&school=3” stuff at the end. URLs now look like This shouldn’t really impact anyone, but please let us know if you find any broken or incorrect links.

Something else you may notice is the presence of the School of Open in the footer. The logo isn’t final and we want to further improve the visibility of schools.

The release also included some other small bug fixed, the inclined can scrutinize

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