Lernanta release 2012-08-08

Hooray! We have a new rolled out some changes over at p2pu.org! Here’s a quick rundown of what changed:

First and foremost: our very first version of our API! For now it is read only, meaning that people can see thing but they cannot change things. We are exposing things that are already publicly visible in a machine readable format called JSON. We are exposing courses, users, schools and badges! This feature must be credited to Jose Flores and Ricardo Soares! Keep up the good work! To see what the API is all about, point your browser at https://p2pu.org/api/alpha/users/?format=json

The next thing you may notice is a image being overlaid on top of your course image!

Draft course image

Don’t panic if your course is not supposed to still be a draft, this is exactly why we’ve done this, to make you aware of your course’s status.

Which leads us to the next feature that we release. If your course is still a draft, a new publish button should show up.


We also build in a bit of defence against auto-responders replying on notifications. We don’t want to reject your sincere messages, but we also don’t want to overflow your inbox with messages from auto-responders. We hope to strike that balance!

The format for notifications about comments changed slightly. The from address will now display the name of the user that made the comment. The reply itself features more prominently in the notification.

For anyone interested, you can see the code changes here and here!

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