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Hard Thinking

You may have noticed that we’ve been a little bit quiet over the last couple of days. It’s not becuase we’re off enjoying all the delights of Berlin (we’ve been doing that too…) but because we’ve been delving into some hard thinking here at the P2PU Popup Office.

After 3 weeks of “doing” – building, coding, writing, talking – we decided to take a different tack, and have spent the last 2 days talking in a group about some of the strategic questions that often come up at P2PU, under the careful and capable guidance of Marien Baerveldt from De Universiteit in the Netherlands.

Who our community is, what community means, what we think we’re good (and bad) at and why we think what we do has value, have been some of the questions we have addressed. We don’t have 100% answers or solutions yet – that’s part of the fun. But we really want to share our thinking with you very, very soon. Keep your eyes open.

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  1. Dan Companion

    Terrific strategic planning session, it is extremely difficult to analyze something so anti-commercial. However, everything still has an audience and that audience has wants, needs, and belief systems. I have just involved myself with a concept called the customer experience and this new discipline is still trying to define what it means to be a customer experience professional which really leaves a lot of individual interpretation. After looking at so many new FREE open educational concepts, there seems to be some blending through commonality, which means that individuals working on the same goals are finding community. Databases are certainly being developed with better algorithms which try to anticipate an individuals motives; however, many sites become dormant relatively quickly because the content and systems don’t foster a strong ongoing education community. It is always interesting to see how human beings respond to free concepts; moreover, do they few the commitment as strongly as if they were to pay for such content. I believe this new discipline referred to as “Voice of the Customer” which is attempting to find its way into commercial entities as the opportunity in this opencourseware (free) environment. What keeps individuals engaged? Is there a sense of accomplishment? Is there a true useful purpose? All of these are just simple but not so obvious questions; moreover, what does success look like. I love all the energy that all these entities are showing and I look forward to participating and helping with its amazing future!


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