(Berlin) Stand Up – 24 July 2012

A lot of people took the day off yesterday and we are fully starting into our last week at the Berlin Summer office today. I’m blatantly re-using the School of Open sprint image, because it rocks, and the Sprint happens today.

LSE Sports Day, Malden Sports Ground, c1920s / LSE Library / No known copyright restrictions


  • Yesterday I had a lovely day to myself and finished the assessment plan.
  • Today meeting with PS, working on script for the MOOC, and working on course for German government, and this government helping school of open. Tomorrow last day in Berlin. ;-(


  • Hackathon this weekend, made a nice etherpad hack, worked with Paul on OAuth
  • Today, write some documentation and Mechanical Mooc script for grouping


  • Arrived yesterday and got a sense of what everyone is doing here.
  • Today we will do some preparation for tomorrow. And I would love to talk to more people today 😉


  • Attempted day off, woke up, started writing something, spent most of the day writing it, then sent a lot of emails about the open masters. Met someone to talk about P2PU all day.
  • Today I would like to start getting my head into content space for Open Masters.


  • Yesterday we polished up two courses for School of Open so we have something for people to respond to during the sprint today. Made an ugly Wikipage.
  • Today is the sprint!!!


  • Not much to add to Molly’s. Hoping to talk about badges, but probably won’t do that today, but tomorrow.


  • Yesterday I took a day off – I went to the dentist, had a hair cut, and got a cold.
  • Today, meeting with VMG, School of Open, Strategy planning, Metrics


  • Yesterday, we worked on basic course on CC licenses and a number of draft challenges to have them ready for testing.
  • Today is the sprint at 2pm. Tomorrow we are going to the Mozilla office.


  • Yesterday was an admin day, budget, documentation, email. Talked with Marien about community and community management. Also it was my help desk day.
  • Today we’ll work more on community management. Hoping to have a discussion about that tomorrow.

Alex K

  • Weekend: Mentor platform redesign/rewrite done http://mentordev-qu6we2kn.dotcloud.com/. Signup added. Not sure when p2pu integration will be ready from the Lernata side so in the mean time, user’s will have to create a new account
  • Today: Integrate with notification API, deploy on production server, Marketing plan for mentor marketplace, backend for Icebreakers web app.

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