Standup from Berlin – 23 July 2012

With thanks to Molly for scribe duties…

Last week we prepared for the digital sprint, and we created a draft set of guidelines for what goes in and out of the School of Open, along with a draft philosophy. This week we have a workshop on Thursday and the digital sprint tomorrow. Today we’re going to go over the priorities we set when we first landed here and see if they need updating. We’ve pretty much done what we set out to do so far. Still need to actually build some courses, and talk about whether we want to tackle badging and certification. Need to develop a workshop format for Thurs.
Today is admin day. Budget, paying salaries, preparing documentation for the new finance person. Finding out what School of Open needs for the digital sprint tomorrow, including help w/ promotion. Catching up on email.
Last week we also started to look at a set of skills or areas of expertise within being open. We used it to plan out our first course, a map of what the course will be. It’s currently divided up into a number of challenges and activities that can also stand alone. Maybe a little bit different from how courses are being used now.
We also had an idea: each course should have a “Thinking behind this course” tab, for transparency, and also many courses in P2PU have a lot of work go into their development and pedagogy. Like the Wikipedia discussion tab. Would be useful for all of P2PU, but especially the School of Open.
What Jane and Piet said.

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